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Project where Sintora pretends to be different artists in an exercise of creativity.
Limited Edition Photography.
DEFINITION OF ABSOLUTE: what is complete, which includes all the elements or parts of a thing.
DEFINITION OF PROJECTION: In psychoanalysis, attribution to another person of intentions that do not want to recognize in oneself. It consists of a defense mechanism in which the subject places in the other, or in things, qualities, feelings, desires, objects, which he does not recognize within himself and sees in the outside, rooted in the imaginary relationship between the self and the other subject.
In this project Sintora presents PROJECTIONS of his ABSOLUTE, or "parts of himself" through an exercise of creativity to put himself in the shoes of other artists, artists with different philosophies created by him, or "alter egos", to probe and explore his imagination from different angles, despite evidently remaining himself.
He introduces us to VIKTOR VAN DER LAK and HUMMO. Both explore photography from a different perspective: Viktor is more symbolic and minimalist, while Hummo works on ethereal concepts such as adaptation to the environment of the human body from the architectural.

Viktor Van Der Lak / Alter-ego

Project: TALK TO ME

Hummo / Alter-ego


Maiko Minarai / Alter-ego

Project: SMOKE

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