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It belongs to the project "Projections of the Absolute", where Sintora pretends to be another artist in an exercise of creativity.
Limited Edition Photography

Sculptural and architectural project, an allegory to the capacity of the human being to modify and transform adapting to the environment. The artist sees the human body as an organism that reacts to everything that surrounds it and thus self-modifies itself over time, reconstructs itself and forms a new organism with greater survival capacities.

In a society as changing as the one we have, we only have the adaptation, each individual undergoes a continuous transformation that will modify it to a greater or lesser degree and that will take away its original essence. From the moment we make an act of presence in this chaotic world, our adaptation begins, which will not stop until the end of our days, an adaptation that is not negative, but on the contrary, is what leads nature to find new ways to continue evolving. We are like the clay that is molded and can give rise to a multitude of different forms, in spite of everything remain clay.
Everything that surrounds us affects us: the environment, climatic conditions, society, culture, etc., and causes a reaction-adaptation in us. This reaction-adaptation, “Reconstruction”, leads us to biological adaptations that include genetic, physiological and biochemical processes necessary for this transformation and that allow the survival of the individual, or changes that are reflected at both internal and external levels. The human being lives in this constant RECONSTRUCTION that we do not know where it will take us.
The artist shows us in these corpo-architectural landscapes that even in spite of the changes in our “original essence”, there is still beauty in the process itself, and that it is nothing more than "the Evolution of Life" in all its splendor.


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